At Lice Treatment Solutions, we’re proud to be a leader of head lice treatment services for adults and children throughout the Houston area. Many of the customers that visit our lice treatment center have been misdiagnosed by a school nurse, camp representative or family member. Rather than trying to eliminate lice yourself with costly shampoos and combs, contact our professional lice removal experts to schedule an appointment today! We offer fast and effective treatment solutions that will save you time, money and aggravation.


Professional Head Lice Inspection Service

When you visit our state-of-the-art lice removal center in Houston, our clinicians will carefully inspect your hair and scalp for any signs of lice. Our friendly and professional staff is thoroughly trained to recognize mild, moderate, and severe head lice symptoms. Once you have been thoroughly screened, our lice specialists will provide you with a detailed diagnosis of your lice infestation. We’ll then work with you to determine the best treatment solution for your head lice and take the appropriate actions to eliminate lice from your life. If you feel your entire family could be infected with head lice, we’ll perform a head and scalp inspection for everyone in your household and will waive the inspection fee if lice treatment is needed.

Affordable – One flat rate includes all product and lice treatment costs. You won’t be surprised by hidden or hourly fees!
Complete Service – We take the hassle out of head lice treatment and will not send you home to continue treatment. You will leave our lice treatment center free of head lice.
Guaranteed Results – We have an unparalleled success rate, but should you need additional treatment, we offer unlimited inspections and lice treatments for 30 days.
Certificate of Treatment – Get your child back into school or camp immediately with our certificate of treatment.

Head Lice Inspection – $10 per person (waived if treatment is needed)
Men/Boys – $75 per person
Women/Girls – $120 per person

Head Lice Prevention Products

At Lice Treatment Solutions, we believe that an all-natural, non-chemical approach is the safest and most effective way to approach lice treatment. We’re proud to offer a variety of natural lice prevention accessories and products to help you prevent future lice infestations. For the best lice treatment in Houston, schedule an appointment at our lice treatment center today! We’ll help you to eliminate lice from your life!

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