dreamstime_xxl_6081178Lice are tiny insects that crawl around and live in human hair. They feed exclusively on human blood, and they can’t live more than a day without eating. They can’t live in water, which is why when you shower or bathe, they cling for dear life. In fact, frequent showers and bathing is a great way to help get rid of lice if you have them. These insects are harmless and don’t transmit disease. In truth, they are just irritating, and getting rid of them is relatively easy once their presence is discovered.

Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston offers the best lice removal services with our all-natural, non-toxic proprietary lice prevention products. If you have head lice, we offer lice treatment on the spot. With one treatment, you are lice-free. At your follow-up appointment, we’ll ensure there is no recurrence, and you’re done! We’ll send you home with all the necessary information you need to make your home lice-free as well. Call today for a head lice inspection!


Early detection and treatment of head lice is critical when it comes to preventing lice from spreading. If you need professional lice treatment services for a head lice infestation in daycares, schools, summer camps, or related facilities, the experts at Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston can help. When you contact our lice removal specialists, we’ll schedule a day to visit your school or campus to conduct head lice inspections for each student.

All of our lice inspections and head checks are conducted in a private manner, so those infested with head lice don’t feel embarrassed when they are given their diagnosis. Our lice removal technicians are trained to recognize head lice symptoms at any stage, from mild to severe. After a thorough inspection, our lice exterminators will recommend the best lice treatment option for students with head lice. If your school is interested in presenting “lice free” letters to school administration or parents of children who are not infested, we can assist with those as well! Our lice treatments are all-natural, so you can rest assured that your child won’t be coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

Many years ago, kids were sent home if lice was detected. However, due to the stigma and shame attached, as well as to the increased emphasis on kids staying in school and not missing class, many schools now allow kids to stay and return to school the following day. If your child is found to have head lice, a note will be sent home. After that, give our lice treatment center a call. You’ll leave our lice center worry-free.

Health Fairs, PTA Meetings & Informational Events

At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we love spreading the word about lice removal and prevention. If your school or community is hosting a health-related event, we would be happy to attend with an informational booth, or to provide an educational presentation on effective and natural head lice treatment solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about our in-school lice treatment services, or want to learn more about our all-natural preventative lice products, then contact our Houston facility today!

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