Since lice have been around as long as men have, they are found almost anywhere humans live, including in Seabrook. Our lice removal experts specialize in lice treatments in Seabrook and offer an all-natural solution to your lice infestation. Below, we’ll explore some interesting facts about head lice. Contact Lice Treatment Solutions in Seabrook today!


Some People Show No Symptoms

While itching your head constantly is a sign of head lice, some people don’t itch at all. Itching depends upon how sensitive your scalp is. Some people don’t feel the bites, which is why lice checks in schools are super important.

Don’t Worry About Fido & Fluffy

There are many different species of louse, and the louse that humans catch can only live on humans. Lice specialize to an insane degree. This means that your dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, or any other furry pet can’t catch your type of louse. The louse simply can’t survive on them.

Lice Can Live Away From Humans for Two Days

Lice are extremely easy to transmit. This is because they can live off your body for up to two days. This means that louse can live on your combs, beddings, sheets, pillowcases, clothes, jackets, towels, or any other item that comes into contact with your head.

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