In-School Lice Treatment Services

Lice Treatment Solutions will visit your school, daycare, or after-school program to perform head checks on students and/or staff. This is a convenient solution for campuses struggling with a lice outbreak or for those wishing to take steps to keep students free from lice. Lice can spread quickly and become a headache for parents, students, and teachers, and it’s crucial to take preventative measures whenever you can.

Our lice treatment specialists are trained to quickly recognize head lice symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Better yet, head lice inspections and treatments from our team are always conducted in a private manner. We strive to provide professional services so you can rest assured that any lice problems are addressed quickly and without further issues. “Lice free” letters may also be presented to school administration or parents upon request.

Health Fairs, PTA Meetings, Informational Events
We love spreading the word about lice treatment and prevention. If your school or community is hosting a health related event, we would be happy to attend with an informational booth or to provide an educational presentation on head lice treatment. Education is an essential portion of prevention!

arts-and-craftsCamp Services for Lice Removal

This includes summer camps, scout camps, and other programs that require attendees to be free of lice on the opening day of camp. Upon detection of head lice, many programs may require a camper to be sent home without a refund of camp registration fees. We offer multiple preventative and lice treatment measures to keep campers free of lice so they can get back to the fun of summer camp.
Lice Treatment Solutions will perform a head check prior to the camp opening day and send a signed letter with the camper confirming that he or she was found to be lice-free on the check date.
Our trained professionals are available to perform head checks on the opening and closing days of camp. Campers found with the presence of head lice will be given informational materials on the next steps to take and head lice treatment options.
Arrangements can be made to treat affected campers on site the same day at an agreed-upon rate. Campers who choose to be treated at our lice treatment center within the camp dates may also be subject to the agreed-upon rate.
Camp Kits
Lice Treatment Solutions offers a “camp kit,” which is a convenient bundle of lice repellent 8 ounce shampoo, 8 ounce conditioner, 4 ounce mint spray, a detangling brush, and hair ties. This bundle is an excellent way to help keep kids lice free at camp, and all items are nestled together in a shower tote for easy transportation. Let us help eliminate lice at your camp!

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