new-better-way-to-eliminate-lice1A head lice infestation can turn any household upside down. While there are several remedies available on the market today to treat head lice, we believe that a natural, non-chemical approach is the best way to approach lice treatment. Our all-natural lice prevention products contain non-toxic chemicals to keep your family and children safe and lice-free.

Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment

As children head off to school each fall, parents are faced with the inevitable onslaught of viruses, colds, and head lice infestations that are easily transmitted in a school setting. When it comes to choosing the best lice treatment product or shampoo, it’s important to understand that children are vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals often found in over-the-counter lice treatment products. At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, our lice-removal clinicians only use safe and natural lice treatment products to properly eliminate lice from your scalp.

dreamstime_xxl_12386690Preventative Lice Shampoo For Summer Camp

If you plan on sending your child to summer camp this year, and you are concerned they may be at risk of lice infestation, then pack a bottle of lice-fighting shampoo in their suitcase just in case. We offer a variety of natural lice treatment shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers to effectively eliminate lice from your child’s head and scalp. Visit our lice clinic and we can help you choose the best products to send with your child to prevent a head lice infestation.

If you’d like to schedule a lice treatment appointment or are interested in learning more about our preventative lice products, contact us or stop by our Houston facility today! Our friendly and professional staff can quickly and effectively diagnose head lice symptoms, and we’d love to help you and your family get back to lice-free living!

We offer a variety of accessories, prevention products, and lice removal services in our salon.

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