How to Avoid Lice Around the Holidays lice treatment solutions houston

The holidays are a favorite time of year for many. You get to put aside your wants and do for others, which can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying. You might travel to see relatives or get together with nearby relatives that you don’t see a lot. Or, you might take some time to evaluate the past year and plan for the year ahead. School is let out, and you may catch up on a few great novels or TV shows. And let’s not forget the food! Turkey, pie, and side dishes galore, there’s so much good food around the holidays.

One thing that can be frequent during the holidays is head lice. This is because you are seeing friends and family you haven’t seen for a while, attending parties where there are a lot of people and perhaps even checking your coat, and perhaps you forgot your comb so you borrow a friend’s. There are many ways to pass head lice along during the holiday season, and trust us when we say this could most definitely ruin your day if you caught it.

Lice Treatment Solutions offers lice treatments in the Houston area. Our lice treatment specialists understand what a nuisance lice can be. We offer lice checks, so we can see if you do have head lice, and, of course, lice treatments if you do. Afterwards, we offer a free lice check after 30 days to ensure those pesky bugs are gone for good. Below, we’ll offer up some quick tips on how you can prevent lice during the holiday season. Contact our lice salon for more information today!


Remain Vigilant

Lice is transmitted most frequently by head-to-head contact. During the celebrations of the holiday season, we often forget this, and we let our guard down. Thus, it’s important to remind yourself and your children about the general lice prevention advice out there, such as to not share combs with others, or other items of clothing, such as scarves, and to pack their own pillows and bedding if they are having a sleepover. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes, and this is most definitely true for head lice.

Know the Signs of Head Lice

One of the ways people suspect that they have head lice is from the symptoms. If your scalp is itchy, you notice red bumps or bites on your scalp, or you see white, oval eggs on your hair near the scalp, then it’s possible you have head lice. If you or your child suspect you have head lice because of these symptoms or others you may experience, visit Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston for a lice check today.

Wear Your Hair Up

While it’s fun to wear your hair down to parties, it’s better to wear your hair up if you think you’ll be in close quarters with others around the holidays. With less hair exposed, lice will have a hard time grasping on if you or your child is exposed only for an instant. Besides, there are a lot of cool ways you can style your hair for the holidays that pull it up, so experiment today.


While no one enjoys having head lice, it is a common problem that is relatively easy to treat once discovered. Here at Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we offer exceptional lice removal services so you can be on your way enjoying the holidays. Our lice removal products are all-natural. We don’t use harsh chemicals like what you will find in over-the-counter lice treatment products. You or your child won’t experience any side effects from our lice removal products, such as rashes, skin irritations, or the like that are common with chemical-based lice treatments.

Lice Treatment Solutions offers discreet lice removal that is quick and fast, and in just one application, you’ll be on your way with tips and tricks to remain lice free. While we would never wish head lice on anyone, we are passionate about helping you get back to your regular schedule after head lice has been eradicated. Call our lice center in Houston today!