Lice Treatment Solutions Presents: Head Lice’s Last Stand

In a remote lice treatment center, an itchy adversary is accidentally released. Despite the best efforts of the staff, the creepy, crawly lice makes its way onto the head of Harold, an employee who panics during the outburst and makes his way to his car during the chaos. He flees to a nearby town, itching all the way.

We can eliminate head lice.Running through the streets, Harold’s head begins to itch even more. For some reason, unbeknownst to him, the only way to quell this itch is to make head-to-head contact with the people on the streets. One by one, people are infected with a new type of head lice.

Luckily, the heroes at Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston have been notified and begin to work on a cure. Their staff works around the clock, testing out ways to eliminate lice of a new strain that they’ve never before seen.

Meanwhile, this new strain of head lice begins to mutate, taking over the brains of anyone who’s been unlucky enough to encounter them all while making their way to Houston for a final stand against Lice Treatment Solutions.

Fortunately for humanity, our heroes at Lice Treatment Solutions have found a cure and begin to eliminate lice one by one. The head lice never stood a chance!

If you’re concerned that you might have head lice, the professionals at Lice Treatment Solutions can help. We’ll work hard to eliminate lice from your life so you can get back to living an itch-free existence. Want to schedule an appointment? Contact us today!

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