It’s likely that most people out there have the same perception of head lice. Bring it up in conversation and you’re likely to hear one of the following comments:

Anyone can get head lice.“I’m feeling itchy just thinking about it!”
“Head lice is gross.”
“Can you really get rid of head lice by using peanut butter or mayonnaise?”
“Lice have wings, don’t they?”

To respond to that first question first, no, lice don’t have wings. If you’d like to read more about that subject, we’ve written entire blog dedicated to answering that question and putting that myth to rest.

But is head lice really as scary as it sounds?

With Lice Treatment Solutions, the answer to that question is easy—NO! We make the whole process as simple as possible so that regardless of your concerns, you’ll be met with relief.

We understand that seeking out a lice removal service can be a process that many people are uncertain about and that’s why we want to make the whole situation as simple as possible. Our hours are flexible and we’d be happy to work with your schedule to ensure that your family can have access to the lice treatment you need.

At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we offer a $10 head lice inspection. If you end up needing our lice treatment, we’ll waive that $10 inspection fee and get you started with our lice removal service. We even offer complimentary follow up exams within the first 30 days so you can be sure that you’re completely and totally head lice free. Schedule your inspection or treatment today!