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  1. How Do Head Lice Spread?

    Discovering an infestation of head lice in your child’s hair can be an unexpected surprise. It might even cause you to panic, scream, twist, and shout. Getting rid of this head lice infestation may at first seem like a daunting task. But when you have the trustworthy services of Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston on your side, treating and preventing head lice has never been easier. The first t…Read More

  2. Should You Be Afraid of Head Lice? Spoiler Alert. The Answer is No.

    It’s likely that most people out there have the same perception of head lice. Bring it up in conversation and you’re likely to hear one of the following comments: “I’m feeling itchy just thinking about it!” “Head lice is gross.” “Can you really get rid of head lice by using peanut butter or mayonnaise?” “Lice have wings, don’t they?” To respond to that first question first,…Read More

  3. Can Head Lice Be Funny? Television Seems to Think So.

    When it comes to lice, you can leave it to television to take something that’s not so funny in real life and make it downright hilarious. Here at our lice treatment center, we work hard to ensure that you get professional lice removal when you need it the most. We also like to think that we have a good sense of humor when it comes to lice. Would we say we’re experts when it comes to knowing al…Read More

  4. Head Lice’s Last Stand

    Lice Treatment Solutions Presents: Head Lice’s Last Stand In a remote lice treatment center, an itchy adversary is accidentally released. Despite the best efforts of the staff, the creepy, crawly lice makes its way onto the head of Harold, an employee who panics during the outburst and makes his way to his car during the chaos. He flees to a nearby town, itching all the way. Running through the …Read More

  5. Customer Question: Can Head Lice Fly?

    Dear Confused, When it comes to being unsure about the spread of head lice, you’re not alone and, in fact, questions about lice solutions and how to get rid of lice are among the most frequently asked. Common Misconceptions About Head Lice There are a number of rumors out there when it comes to head lice and exactly how lice spreads: Myth #1- Head lice have a long lifespan and can survive for ex…Read More