Let us walk you through a fairly common head lice scenario.

Child worried about head lice.Little Timmy comes home from school and he seems uncomfortable. No big deal, right? Kids get dirty at school, after all. He must’ve been rolling around in the dirt and fighting over who gets to play with that cool new Ninja Turtle toy. He’s probably fine, but it’s best to keep an eye on him. A few days later, you notice the telltale sign—he’s been itching his head quite a bit. No need to panic just yet. So you march him gently into the bathroom, grab a magnifying glass, and shine a light on his head and you see…


He’s started complaining about the itch though, so what are you to do? Enlist the help of the lice removal pros at Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, of course! Just because you can’t see head lice, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Our goal is to help parents to eliminate lice and our lice treatment is easy as can be.

We’ll perform a head lice inspection for only $10. What that means for you is inexpensive peace of mind if your child doesn’t have head lice.

If he or she does have head lice though?

We’ll waive the inspection fee if your child ends up needing our lice removal service. In addition to waiving that inspection fee, we’ll also guarantee the results of our lice treatment. If you’re worried Little Timmy has lice, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Lice Treatment Solutions today!