Which came first: the head lice, or the egg?

In the case of a newly discovered head lice infestation, it’s a given that at least one pesky little pest found its way to a new harborage before it started laying eggs.

As soon as this happens, problems are bound to follow.

Knowing how to find quick, efficient, and sustainable head lice treatment doesn’t have to be one of those problems. Whether you’ve discovered head lice in your own nest of hair, that of your child, or in a student at your school, you can always trust Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston.

Our trained experts have the ability to identify, treat, remove, and prevent further head lice infestations with natural, simple treatment methods at our Houston salon.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the process, from start to finish, in order to give you a better understanding as to how the stages of head lice treatment operate.

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Now, let’s take a look at the journey of head lice.


This first step often goes unnoticed.

In some cases, those affected by head lice (or their parents and/or teacher) can pinpoint “patient zero” of an infestation after the fact, but because these tiny pests are so difficult to detect and see they tend to travel from host to host like the ultimate sleuthy hitchhikers they are.

Head lice spread exclusively through direct contact, whether it be head-to-head or a shared pair of headphones, with an infested person. That’s the only way. They can’t jump, fly, or teleport.


After head lice set up shop, then the real fun begins — for them, anyway. Head lice tend to thrive in the scalp, surrounded by hair and a warm space to feed, and once settled they begin laying eggs and becoming a real nuisance.

Symptoms include itching, discomfort, and visible lice on the scalp.

That’s where discovery comes in. Once they are outed, whether by a school nurse or through a professional head lice inspection at our state-of-the-art head lice treatment center in Houston, a thorough removal plan can be enacted.


This step is the most important part of the head lice treatment process.

These little pests can be a nuisance, and if you aren’t careful and proactive they could cause a whole mess of problems for you, your family, or even an entire school.

When you trust the experts at Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, you are getting the best quality of care, attention, and service around.

We have the best head lice shampoos around, and we can treat you or your child right here in the comfort of our salon. We take the guesswork out of DIY methods to ensure a thorough eradication of head lice every time.


This is the final crucial step in the process.

After undergoing lice removal treatment, it’s imperative to go through the scalp and comb out any remaining lice, whether they are dead, lethargic, or still in their eggs. This ensures that there will be no further spread of head lice, nor will there be a relapse.

The shampoos we use for head lice are all natural, non-toxic, and known to not only aid with head lice removal, but also prevention.
And really, the process is as simple as that.

We take a non-chemical approach to head lice treatment — not only because it is more effective that way, but because it is significantly more safe.

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