If you’re among the thousands of Houston parents who send their children to summer camp, your kids are probably counting down the days until the end of the school year. Summer camps provide a fun learning environment for children, equipped with various games, activities and social events to keep them entertained and excited all summer long. Each year Lice Treatment Solutions receives calls from various camps who have questions about lice, either due to a recent lice outbreak at camp or because they need advice on taking preventative measures.

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While camps are a wonderful place for children to socialize and learn about themselves, they also provide a high risk environment for lice outbreaks. Lice are tiny parasites that can infest the head and scalp of your child, drawing sustenance from their scalp’s blood supply in order to survive. Lice have no wings and lack the skills to jump, so they rely on environments where heads come in close contact with one another. Camp also provides children with a sharing culture, meaning children that attend summer camp are more likely to share items such as combs, brushes, hats, towels and even helmets. At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we’ve successfully helped remove and eliminate lice from schools and camps throughout the state using safe and effective lice removal techniques. Contact our head lice specialists today to learn more about lice removal, treatment and prevention today!

Camp Head Lice Infestation

Since lice infestations are most often spread by person-to-person contact, it’s no wonder summer camps remain at high risk for infestation. Head lice can be found all over the word, and in the United States, head lice infestation is most common among preschool and elementary school children. With an estimated six to twelve million lice infestations occurring each year in the United States, it’s important to inform your children on the common signs and symptoms of head lice before they go off to camp for three months. Some of these can include:

  • Small red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders
  • A ticklish feeling on the scalp or neck
  • An overly itchy scalp, which is an allergic reaction to the lice saliva

Camp Head Lice Treatment

If you believe your child has been infected with lice at summer camp, it’s important to have them checked for any signs of infestation by a lice treatment professional. If one child has lice, it’s very likely that other children have it too. All persons in close contact with those infected should be properly examined to ensure a successful lice removal treatment. At Lice Treatment Solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of camps across Texas properly treat and remove head lice from their infected campers and facility. To learn more about our innovative lice treatment solutions, check out our Basic Treatment Info Handout or our Head Lice Prevention Handout.

Post Lice Treatment Removal

Once your child has been properly treated for a head lice infestation, it’s important to ensure all of their bedding, clothing and personal items are thoroughly cleaned. Clothing and bedding should be washed in hot water, while items like hairbrushes can be boiled to ensure any remaining lice and nits do not survive.

Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston is proud to be a leader in lice removal, treatment and prevention for various camps and elementary schools throughout Texas. All of our head lice inspections are conducted in a private and secure manner to ensure those children infected do not feel embarrassed by their diagnosis. If our lice removal experts find lice and nits in the hair and scalp of your campers or class, we’ll use the safest lice removal measures to ensure all head lice are completely removed.