With school back in session and the holiday season just around the corner, the last thing your household needs is a lice infestation. While lice do not pose any serious health risks, they can be an incredible nuisance, especially if you plan to host your family or do any traveling during the holiday season. In today’s post, we’ll answer one of the most common questions we receive at our lice treatment center: how long does a lice infestation last?

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How Long Do Lice Linger? 

As you probably expected when you clicked on this article, the answer to the question posed above tends to depend on how long the infestation has gone untreated and which stage of growth the lice are currently in. Lice hatch from eggs and are generally about 1 millimeter in length, and it can take anywhere from seven to 10 days for an egg to hatch. Once the egg has hatched, the young louse (also known as a nit) will mature into a fully grown adult in nine to 12 days. Lice can live up to 30 days when fully grown, and although this seems like a short lifespan, they multiply incredibly quickly. An adult louse can lay up to six eggs a day, which means that a few lice brought home from school can quickly turn into several hundred.

The good news is that while lice can multiply and increase their numbers rapidly, they will die in roughly 24 hours without the ability to feed on human blood. Items like hats, scarves, shirts, and bedding will be free of lice within several days as long as they are not given the chance to feed. Contrary to popular belief, the real cause of a lice infestation that “just won’t quit” is very likely due to missed eggs that hatch and multiply again. We recognize the importance of this point at our lice treatment center, and that’s why we take our time when performing our inspections.

Lice Removal for the Holiday Season

If your child has lice and you’ll be hosting your friends and the family for the holidays, then you can rest assured that it’s highly unlikely that anyone staying in your home will become infested as long as your child is treated as soon as possible. We recommend bringing your child to our Houston lice treatment center as soon as you notice any of the common symptoms of head lice, as we have been known to fill up quickly during the last few months of the year.

Instead of taking your child’s lice removal into your own hands and purchasing potentially harmful products, let our lice removal specialists handle every step of the process for you. From your child’s first inspection to any follow-up appointments you need in the 30 days after your initial visit, we’ll be there to help you ensure a lice-free holiday season.