Can you soak your hair in water to kill lice? Will smothering your scalp in hair gel really eradicate an infestation? We examined a few DIY lice treatments in our previous post, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to explore that same topic.

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Water Immersion 

One lice removal suggestion we’ve heard is to simply submerge your hair in the bath for several hours. While it sounds safe and cost-effective, this method is particularly difficult, as you will have to have your head submerged for more than eight hours before any adult lice are drowned. Moreover, nits will survive this treatment, meaning that you’ll have to spend even more time combing your hair or trying another method. Chlorinated pool water won’t kill lice, either, despite what some internet resources may tell you.

Hair Gel

Rather than purchasing lice shampoo or a lice treatment kit, many people turn to hair gel for their lice treatment needs. The idea here is a variant of the smothering methods we outlined in our previous post, but the chemicals in most styling gels are also rumored to be more harmful to lice than coconut oil or mayonnaise.

Styling gel is fairly easy to remove, though it’s designed to be used in small quantities. Using significantly more than the daily recommended amount has the potential to severely damage your hair, and there’s no guarantee that it will be effective.

Dishwashing Liquid

This liquid is often used to remove another DIY treatment such as mayonnaise or Vaseline, but it can be incredibly damaging to the hair. Moreover, dish soap is intended to clean your dishes before being thoroughly washed off, and allowing it to soak into your scalp could allow harmful chemicals to enter your bloodstream. Don’t take the risk of harming your hair or body. Come to our Houston lice treatment center for professional treatment.

Wash High-Risk Items

Whether you’re trying a DIY method or you’re coming to us for the most effective lice removal available, you should always wash high-risk items as part of your lice treatment strategy. Wash your bedding, combs, any clothing you’ve worn, blankets on your couch, any hats you typically wear. You may need to wash and dry these items at a high temperature several times to ensure that they’re entirely free of lice.

At Lice Treatment Solutions, we firmly believe that investing in professional lice removal is the most effective way to successfully treat lice. Our expert technicians have been trained to handle lice infestations at any stage, and we’ll work quickly to return you to live-free living.

We hope that this post has clarified any misconceptions you may have heard about DIY lice treatments.

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