Here at our head lice treatment center in Houston, we’ve seen it all. That means that we’re pretty familiar with a few of the mistakes that people can make when it comes to head lice removal. We’re not necessarily talking about spreading mayonnaise on your hair though.

These are the top three mistakes people make when it comes to finding a lice removal service:

  • 8933-1They wait too long. Unfortunately, lice don’t just go away if you ignore them. In extreme cases, the scratching from an untreated head lice infection can cause an infection. At Lice Treatment Solutions, we make treatment quick and painless and even offer free follow ups so you can be sure that head lice are gone for good.
  • They use the wrong treatments. As strange as it sounds, we’ve heard of parents using cat and dog flea removal shampoo on their poor children to try to give them some relief. There’s a better solution! Stop in and see us and we’ll be sure that your head lice are gone—guaranteed.
  • They try to save money. People try all kinds of things to save money. That’s why at Lice Treatment Solutions, we made it a point to ensure that our service is budget-friendly. Inspection is only $10 and we’ll even waive that fee if we need to begin treatment. Why spend money on something you’re not sure will work when you can be sure that our treatment will?

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