Head lice are pesky little insects that affect six to 12 million children each year in the United States. Even though head lice have been around for decades, there are still plenty of myths floating around about these little critters. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common myths surrounding head lice.

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Head Lice Myth #1: Lice Can Jump From Head to Head

A common myth we’d like to debunk is that lice can jump from one head to another. Lice are tiny insects that do not have wings, nor the ability to jump. Since these pesky insects thrive solely on human blood, they will never move from another animal such as a dog or cat. Lice move from person to person by simply crawling, which can occur when children put their heads together while playing or when they share hats.

Head Lice Myth #2: If You Have Poor Personal Hygiene or Dirty Hair, You Are More Likely To Get Head Lice

Many people think that if they have poor personal hygiene or dirty hair, they are more likely to get head lice. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of the cleanliness of your home or hair, head lice spread from one person to another by crawling onto a person’s scalp, hair, or clothing. Washing your hair will not help you get rid of head lice, as they like to cling to hair follicles.

Head Lice Myth #3: If Your Child Has An Itchy Head, They Have Head Lice

While an itchy scalp is one of the most common symptoms of head lice, it doesn’t necessarily mean your child has head lice. There are many things that can cause you to have an itchy scalp, such as dandruff or dry skin. It’s also important to note that children who have been infested with head lice may not experience the itchy symptoms associated with these critters.

Head Lice Myth #4: Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline is the Best Way To Kill Lice

Some websites claim that petroleum jelly or vaseline can be used to effectively kill lice. While these gooey substances may smother lice, depriving them of oxygen, this goop will take forever to clean out of your child’s hair.

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Head Lice Myth #5: Head Lice Are So Small You Cannot See Them With The Human Eye

While lice are tiny insects, they can be seen by the human eye. Lice are about the size of a sesame seed and they can best be seen in natural light with a magnifying glass. If you’re afraid you or your child may be infested with lice, it’s always best to bring them to a lice removal clinic to treat the problem. Lice removal technicians will have the tools and experienced needed to effectively eliminate lice from your head and your life.

Head Lice Myth #6: Head Lice Carry and Transmit Diseases

For all of those worried parents out there, we have some good news: lice have not been shown to carry and transmit diseases! However, children who have been infested with head lice can experience intense itching on their scalp, and they can even develop rashes from lice bites.

Head Lice Myth #7: Head Lice Prefer Long Hair

Contrary to popular belief, lice do not prefer long hair. These pesky insects are only concerned with the blood they can get on the scalp. Whether you have a mohawk, buzz cut or dreadlocks, your risk of head lice will always be the same.

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