Whether you or one of your children has had lice in recent weeks, one of your biggest concerns is making sure that they don’t return. We completely understand this concern, and in today’s post, we’re going to walk you through the steps you should take to clear your home of lice and prevent another outbreak from occurring.

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Delousing Your Home

Start With Lice Removal

The best way to treat a lice infestation is to have each and every one of them removed from you or your child’s scalp. Lice are parasitic insects that require human blood to survive, and the vast majority of lice will not live beyond 48 hours after they have been removed from the scalp. That being said, lice are notoriously difficult to remove on your own, and coming to a professional lice treatment center is the most effective way to ensure that the eggs, babies, and fully grown lice have all been removed.

Adult lice can lay up to eight eggs each day, and they can survive for up to 30 days. It’s no wonder that many people struggle with lice for weeks and months when you consider how difficult it is to spot and remove each and every egg! If you or your child is struggling with lice, then come to our lice treatment center, and we will provide you with the fast removal you deserve. You can move on to the next steps as soon as we’ve given you the green light!

Do Your Laundry 

The average louse will not live beyond 24 hours without feeding on human blood, but eggs can survive for roughly a week. Gather every article of clothing that was worn in the past seven days, as well as your bedding, and place everything into a trash bag (or several) and begin to wash it all. Use soap and hot water to wash everything before drying it all on the hottest setting. Take anything that cannot be washed to a professional dry cleaner, but be sure to give them a courteous heads up about your reason for coming in.

Isolate Toys and Stuffed Animals

It’s time to address toys and stuffed animals now that you’ve taken care of your wardrobe. Soft fabric toys can be placed in the dryer on high heat for 30 to 45 minutes, while other toys can simply be placed in a sealed garbage bag for 7 to 10 days to ensure that any eggs that may be on them don’t hatch and find their way back to a scalp.

Soak Your Hair Brushes

Hair brushes, ties, and other accessories should all be thrown away or soaked in hot water. The water needs to be at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective, and you only need to soak each item for 10 minutes. Inspect each item to ensure that no lice or eggs remain.


If you’re like most of our clients, then you’re probably ready to put a tent over your home and pump in as much insecticide as you can get your hands on. However, we hope that by this point in the article, you’re well aware that lice will die fairly soon after they’ve become detached from a host. It’s important to note that lice can attach themselves to clothing and pets as you walk around, so you will want to thoroughly vacuum the carpeted areas of your home. If your current vacuum is old and outdated, then renting a high-powered model is a great way to ensure that eggs and young lice are completely removed. If you have hardwood floors or tile, then just make sure that you’ve mopped the surface with a mixture of warm, soapy water.

Effective Lice Removal in Houston

We hope that today’s post will help you return to normal after a lice outbreak in your home. Watch our blog page in the coming weeks and months, as we’ll continue to provide you with even more information about lice removal and lice treatments in the coming weeks and months.

As we noted in the first section, visiting a lice treatment center as soon as possible is the best way to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly. Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston proudly offers fast and affordable lice removal services, and we can even provide your child with a certificate of treatment upon request. Read our testimonials to see what others are saying, and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment!

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