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Are lice really attracted to freshly washed hair? Is mayonnaise as effective as over-the-counter lice removal products? Will lice go away on their own?

There are a lot of myths floating around about lice, and many of them contribute to stigma, bullying, and other negative outcomes for people of all ages. In today’s post, we’re going to work toward destigmatizing head lice as we clarify a few of the most common misconceptions that people have about these common pests.

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Now, let’s turn our attention toward a few of the most common misunderstandings you’ve probably heard about head lice:

1. Lice Prefer Clean Hair

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, lice have no preference about whether they inhabit unwashed or clean hair. Contrary to what you may have heard, they don’t actually care about your hair — they’re out for blood. So, regardless of whether you’ve just washed your hair or you’ve been camping without the chance to shower for a week, you can still catch lice!

2. Lice Will Eventually Go Away on Their Own

Many people do not schedule professional lice removal due to stigma and embarrassment. Some websites and resources have stories about lice eventually going away on their own, but the consensus among medical professionals is that lice will not go away without treatment.

An adult louse can survive for approximately 30 days, and while this might not seem like a long time, we need to factor in how quickly they can multiply. A female louse will lay three to five eggs per day, and it will take each egg approximately 20 days to reach maturity. We know that you didn’t come here to do math, so here’s the bottom line: lice reproduce much more quickly than they die. Visiting a local lice treatment center is your best course of action!

3. People With Poor Hygiene Are More Likely to Get Lice

Although we briefly touched on a similar point in the first section, we feel that this point needs to be addressed directly. Many children are unfairly bullied and labeled “gross” or “dirty” because they have lice, but as we said before, lice have no preferences about cleanliness! Their primary concerns are to feed and reproduce, and they can achieve those goals on any person at any time!

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4. Food-Based Remedies Are as Effective as Professional Lice Removal…

We don’t have time to cover all of the different lice removal remedies you can try at home, but we will give them credit for thoughtfulness and ingenuity. Most of the ones you’ve probably heard — like covering your scalp in mayonnaise, olive oil, or another thick substance from your cupboard — supposedly work by suffocating lice and killing their eggs. Bowl of homemade mayonnaise and fresh eggs.

However, there is no evidence to substantiate these tactics. You’re much better coming to a lice removal center like ours for safe and effective treatment that has been proven to work time and time again. Plus, you’ll still have plenty of ingredients left in your pantry when it’s time to make dinner.

5. …And So Are Heat-Based Treatments

We know that food-based lice removal techniques aren’t evidentially backed, but what about heat-based ones? A quick look through your favorite search engine will turn up thousands of articles, products, and blogs discussing the best ways to kill lice with heat. From curling irons to hairdryers and specialized tools developed for lice specifically, you’ll find it all! Much like food-based remedies, however, evidence of their efficacy is scarce at best. The most informed estimates report that heat-based techniques can kill up to 80% of lice on a person’s scalp, but this simply won’t cut it when you consider how quickly they reproduce.

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We hope that today’s entry has helped you understand more about lice and why much of the stigma surrounding them is unfounded. We plan to continue exploring this topic in future posts, so be sure to come back to our blog if you found today’s entry useful.

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