Is it just us, or was a pass to awesome summer camps basically the only reason to be in girl or boy scouts? Sleeping in bunk beds in quaint little cabins. Telling stories around a campfire and singing songs in the mess hall were some of the best parts about being in the wilderness and being a kid. But, as adults know from experience, summer camps aren’t the cleanest environment. Beyond the bugs, animals and lake water your kid is interacting with, there’s also other people’s bacteria to consider too. All of this is, of course, topped off with the fact that the kids shower maybe once during the entire week that they’re up at camp, usually. The mixture of dirt, grime, living in close quarters and not really staying up on bathing make any kid into a little petri dish. As a company that specializes in lice solutions, we know just how petri much you don’t want to have to deal with lice. While your child is out making new friends, sowing their independence and off adventuring, you shouldn’t be worrying about whether they’re coming back with lice to infest the whole family with. So how do you keep lice issues under control in an unknown area where you aren’t the adult responsible? Let’s take a look. 

Screen For Lice

First, put a little bit of faith in your summer camp. Not a lot of faith, but a little. Lots of summer camps don’t want to put a damper on the fun and adventure, so they’re thinking ahead too. Since lice outbreaks are on the rise throughout the school year in the US as a whole, camps have been hiring lice services to screen the campers. In fact, some camps are actually going so far as to require a lice screening a week or so before summer camp takes off. However, like schools, camps are reluctant to hire a lice service until there’s a proper break-out, so to avoid lice effectively, it may just be easier to to do your own pre-camp lice check and treatment. 

Pre-Camp Professional Check-In

If you have no desire to have your kid be the trigger of a camp-wide epidemic, you might consider a proper pre-camp check-in. A professional check is always the best way to make sure your little tyke isn’t the one spreading lice like butter all over their favorite summer camp. Checking your child’s scalp visually leaves a lot of room for error. You see, lice and nits are made to be hard to find. They’ve evolved to dodge those combs and are easier to miss than they are to find. This is especially true as most folks rely on a quick Youtube tutorial to help them find a way to check for lice on their kid’s scalp, and while the internet and Youtube are both wonderful places, they’re not always the most accurate place to get information. Especially information that focuses on your health, your child’s health and potentially a whole camp full of other kids and counselor’s health, too. Lice in the early stages are harder to see than lice at any other stage, and that still leaves the question after you’ve performed your kid’s scalp check: Does my kid actually still have lice. And if you’re still asking that question after you checked their scalp and wasted time doing so, it’s probably worth just handing the job off to the professionals. 

Professionals, like us, know what to look for from the earliest signs of a lice infestation. Our searches are far more thorough and reveal the truth about your child’s current health in a way a DIY comb session just can’t. Not to mention, if we do find lice, we can start treating it sooner, rather than later and nip the problem in the bud before you have to sit down your kid and tell them why bugs in their hair makes it so they can’t attend their favorite summer camp this year. Not to mention, a professional sweep of the scalp can clear out any leftover lice infestation residue from the last time you got lice. For example, we can help remove things like defunct nit-casings and other things that could still be floating around the scalp. 

Pre-Camp Treatment

Lots of folks are told to just run your kid’s scalp through a quick lice treatment regardless of if they have it just before camp. That’s a nice thought, but that’s not how lice work. A single treatment, if they do have lice, is not enough to cancel out any lice issues in their infant stages. By the end of the week, the lice will incubate and breed the next generation. So that means that by week two, when your kid is waving goodbye as you drive away from camp, they’re contagious and spreading live around the camp with reckless abandon. This is even less effective if you’re just trying to do the treatment the night before for lice. If you find infant lice in your child’s hair, the responsible thing to do is notify the camp. A one week camp session would likely be fine with just a single treatment, but anything longer and the lice will spread. Thus, it depends entirely on when your child got the lice and how long the camp lasts whether this method works. Those are quite a few variables and since lice is an infestation, it may follow some usual patterns, but no case is the same. In this way, generalizations about when your child is contagious is a dangerous metric to play with. 

It should also be noted that products that are labeled as “lice prevention” are largely unreliable. If you have hair on your head at all, you’re at risk of getting lice. Any supposed lice deterrent is only really effective for around a few hours, so it doesn’t really work to put it on your kid right before camp and hope that it’ll last. And let’s be frank, you child won’t be putting it on of their own accord either. 

How to Avoid Lice While At Camp

Obviously, telling kids what to do, outside of what the counselors tell them, when they’re at camp is no easy task. But, it’s better to tell them how not to get lice while they’re away from home and rolling in the dirt than to leave them in the dark. So here’s a few pointers you should give if you’re concerned about them catching lice from someone else while they’re at camp, and spoiling some of their fun. First, let them know that sharing hair brushes is always a bad idea. Even if they’ve just watched that person take a shower, hair brushes harbor a variety of bacteria, dead skin cells and other debris that is gross beyond the possibility of lice. It’s best overall to avoid it and bring your own instead. 

Lice Treatment Solutions Offers an Excellent Way To Keep Your Camper Happy

We offer a variety of professional services that can prepare your child for camp and the possibility of lice. For example, our lice removal, lice prevention and lice treatment services can all help to secure your child’s opportunities and fun at camp. We don’t want any campers having to miss out on the fun because of a lice infestation, and we do our best to stop it in its tracks. Our services feature state-of-the-art options to eradicate lice quickly and effectively. If your child is complaining of any of the symptoms associated with lice, like red bumps and sores on their skin, itchy scalp, a “crawling” sensation and difficulty sleeping. It’s probably best to reach out to us before the infestation progresses farther. Lice are always best dealt with earlier, rather than later. Together, we’ll avoid your whole family, the classmates and potential other campers and counselors getting any lice. Let’s be diligent about your child’s health. Reach out to us today to schedule your lice inspection in the Houston area.