Did you know that having head lice is among the top three reasons that American kids miss school? Luckily for you, Lice Treatment Solutions is flexible; we will work with your schedule to figure out a head lice treatment that works well for you and your family. Well, friends and neighbors, you just got even luckier because today we’re going to provide you with the basics of head lice treatment.

  • Although reliable data is difficult to find, we know that, on average, between six and twelve million preschool and elementary students get head lice each year.
  • It’s more common for girls to get head lice. It certainly varies from case to case, but the main reason this happens is because girls touch each other’s hair more often.
  • Studies have shown that overall cleanliness (or a lack thereof) doesn’t make a person any more likely to get head lice.
  • Head lice don’t have the ability to fly or jump, so head to head contact is their main mode of transportation.
  • Contrary to popular belief, spreading mayo on your head hasn’t been shown to be an effective head lice treatment.

Well, there you have it! We hope this information has been helpful, because when it comes to head lice treatment, knowledge is power. Check out some of our testimonials to read up on the work that we’ve done for others who are just like you. Feel free to contact us for a consultation, or, if you’re in Houston, come visit us in our office on Saturn Lane.