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RemovalServicesProfessional Head Lice Inspection Service

Many customers that visit our lice treatment center have been misdiagnosed by a school nurse, camp representative, or family member. Save time, money, and aggravation by allowing our trained professionals to check for head lice before you begin any treatment for lice.

Head lice inspection – $10 per person (waived if treatment is needed)

Professional Head Lice Removal Service From the Lice Treatment Center You Can Trust

The best Houston head lice treatment service:

  • Affordable – One flat rate includes all product and treatment costs. No hidden/hourly fees here!
  • Complete Service – We take the hassle out of head lice treatment and will not send you home to continue treatment. You will leave our facility head lice free.
  • Guaranteed Results – We have an unparalleled success rate, but should you need additional treatment we offer unlimited inspections/treatments for 30 days.
  • Certificate of Treatment – Get your child back into school or camp immediately with our certificate of treatment.

Men/Boys – $75 per person
Women/Girls – $120 per person

For the best Houston head lice treatment, schedule an appointment¬†at our lice treatment¬†center today! We’ll help you to eliminate lice from your life!

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