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When head lice or pediculosis outbreak in your home, school or summer camp, it’s easy to experience feelings of panic and helplessness. A head lice infestation can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re not sure of the best head lice shampoos and products to use. If you need prompt and effective head lice removal and treatment services near Houston, the professional lice removal experts at Lice Treatment Solutions can help. When you visit our state-of-the-art lice removal salon, we’ll take the time to inspect your lice infestation before recommending the best treatment solution for you. Contact our lice removal experts today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our school and camp lice removal services.

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Don’t let a head lice infestation turn your life upside down! While there are several head lice removal products available on the market today, our experienced lice technicians take a natural and non-chemical approach to lice removal. We offer a great variety of all natural lice prevention products at our Houston lice removal salon to keep your home and family safe and lice free. If you’re concerned you or a loved one could have head lice, contact our professional staff today. We’ll work around your personal schedule to effectively remove and eliminate lice from your life.

Lice Removal For School & Camps In Houston

If you work in a school, daycare or camp, there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed a lice outbreak first-hand. At Lice Treatment Solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of Houston educational centers properly treat and remove head lice from their infected students. All of our head lice checks are conducted in a secure and private manner so children never feel embarrassed or ashamed if they are infected. We’re also happy to distribute “Lice Free” letters to school administration and parents upon request, so there’s no question as to who has been inspected for lice. Whether you need a trusted lice removal partner for weekly, monthly or annual lice checks, our lice removal professionals are here to help!

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