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  1. What To Do If Your Child Comes Home With Head Lice

    According to the American Head Lice Information Center, head lice have become increasingly prevalent in our nation’s schools and childcare centers. On average, six to 12 million people are infected with lice each year, most of them being young children between the ages of three and 12. While these little critters don’t present a serious health threat, they can be a major inconvenience for par…Read More

  2. The Most Common Myths About Head Lice

    Head lice are pesky little insects that affect six to 12 million children each year in the United States. Even though head lice have been around for decades, there are still plenty of myths floating around about these little critters. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most common myths surrounding head lice. Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston is your one stop shop for all lice removal, t…Read More

  3. The Origin of Head Lice, Typhus & Trench Fever, Part Two

    If you or your child has ever been infested with head lice, you already know how challenging it can be trying to remove those critters from your head. At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we’ve helped hundreds of children and adults successfully eliminate head lice from their life through our safe and innovative treatments. In part one of this blog series, we discussed a brief history of hea…Read More

  4. The Origin of Head Lice, Typhus & Trench Fever, Part One

    If your child has ever come home from school with head lice, the first question you probably asked yourself was, “Where did these little critters come from?” As you start thinking about which one of your son our daughter’s friends could have passed these pesky bugs to your child, you may start to wonder where head lice originally came from. Lucky for you, the lice removal experts at Lice Tr…Read More

  5. The Difference Between Dandruff & Lice, Part Two

    Determining the difference between dandruff and head lice can be a challenge, especially without the help of a professional. At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we’ve successful helped hundreds of parents help identify and treat their child’s head lice infestation using the safest lice treatments available. If you’re afraid your child may be infested with head lice, contact our experts …Read More

  6. The Difference Between Dandruff & Lice, Part One

    Have you noticed small, white substances in your child’s hair? Is your child itching their scalp like there’s no tomorrow? At Lice Treatment Solutions in Houston, we’ve helped hundreds of parents identify and treat head lice in their children. Every now and then, we’ll have a parent come to our lice treatment facility with their child for a head lice inspection, only to find that their ch…Read More

  7. Top 10 Myths About Head Lice

    While head lice continue to be a common occurrence among young children, finding out your child has head lice can be a stressful and upsetting situation. Your immediate reaction may be to only tell a few trusted friends and family members, or you may opt to seek head lice treatments online. Unfortunately, there are many misinformed sources on the internet today, which can result in potentially ha…Read More

  8. How To Tell If Your Child Has Head Lice

    If you have a young child in school, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the panic that comes along with a lice outbreak in their classroom. Perhaps your child came home from school with a notice from the school nurse informing you that there has been a lice outbreak in their classroom. Or maybe you noticed your child diligently scratching their scalp at the dinner table with little to n…Read More

  9. How To Prevent A Lice Infestation At Your Summer Camp

    If you’re among the thousands of Houston parents who send their children to summer camp, your kids are probably counting down the days until the end of the school year. Summer camps provide a fun learning environment for children, equipped with various games, activities and social events to keep them entertained and excited all summer long. Each year Lice Treatment Solutions receives calls from…Read More

  10. Tips For Establishing A Head Lice Protocol In Child Care Facilities

    If you work in a child care facility, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a head lice outbreak at least once or twice in your career. Since head lice outbreaks are a very common occurrence in educational facilities, especially among young children, child care providers should establish a proactive head lice management protocol before any outbreaks can occur. At Lice Treatment Solutions, …Read More

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